Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Dropping Album

MTV News spoke with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog who is planning on dropping ‘Songs in the Key of Poop’ this winter on Warner Bros. Records. Adam Sandler will cameo on the album, but don’t look for other pooches likely to be linked to the project. “Snoop and ,” he moaned. “I’m so tired of hearing, ‘Why don’t you perform with Lil’ Bow Wow? Get it? Because he’s a dog?’ ” he asked rhetorically in a mock-little-girl’s voice. “Screw him, you know?” he said, returning to his mysterious south-of-the-border accent. “There’s only room for one dog, my friend. Lil’ Bow Wow, he can rap. I can rap, but I can lick myself, too.” Read more.

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