Trying To Be Black? Try Being Yourself

Contributed by ArkansasRoodBwoy:

I have a problem with judging. Every race seems to have a problem with white guys liking rap and the hip-hop culture. I am a white guy, with a black girlfriend, my favorite music is rap, and I like the culture and find it very interesting. I wear my clothes baggy, wear du-rags and crooked caps. I was born in Arkansas and lived in Georgia, now Virginia, and have found comfort in rap music, particularly the dirty south. I rap as well, which seems to make me a target. “You wanna be like ,” “You’re trying to be black,” “Stop trying to be black, you’re white.” Things like that are often thrown my way. It’s very annoying. Personally, I think black women are gorgeous. No, that doesn’t mean I hate white girls. No, that doesn’t mean I’m racist towards anyone else. I have a preference, like anyone else may like blondes, or big breasts, I find black women to be very gorgeous. I love dark women. Another thing, I don’t see myself as trying to be black. I’m being me, it’s not my fault I like big cars, chrome rims, rap music, and black women.

I used to say I was clear, no white, not black. You see what’s on the inside before you judge me from my color or what I look like. You never know, I may one day be one of the best rappers out there, and then everyone wants to be like me. I didn’t come from poverty or anything like it. I didn’t have to suffer many hardships, but that shouldn’t make me less of a good rapper and what not. I will tell you one thing, I am eighteen years old and have never once talked or seen my father (my mom and I left him when I was 3 months old). He’s never called and checked up, I don’t know anyone from that side. There’s been some other struggles along the way, so I’m not Mr. Perfect middle class man.

One thing I do dislike is the fact that a lot of white people, guys especially, listen to rap just to impress someone else, and don’t have a clue to what it’s about. They’re worried of their appeal. And, of course everyone suffers from that a little, but they take it to far. I just want people to understand, I’m being me, and if you don’t like that, consult featuring “F*** Dem N****s.”

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