Tupac Shakur’s Protege Candyman 187 Out Of Control

’s youngest protege Candyman 187 of “Tha Havenotz” is completely out of control. Our beloved thug, at the age of 21 is known for his sporadic behavior, short temper, wild outbursts, and a hopeless outlook on life. It seems that Candyman has taken right after his “older brother’s” example. And now he has the whole rap nation wondering what will happen, once again, when “Keeping it real” is taken too far. Known for his Thugged out yet politically charged lyrics, Candyman is living the life he raps about. And as Michael Eric Dyson once stated “this is a good strategy when it comes to Gospel music, but when applied to ‘gangster rap’ it constitutes to devastating results”.

The rap nation has lost too much talent behind senseless violence, and Candyman is headed toward the same tragic end. The Thug Life Style most of these rappers talk about only in the studio is Candyman 187’s reality. From having been shot and stabbed multiple times, including one very recent incident, constant abuse of the body through various substances. It seems he is on a suicide mission, and nobody can stop him.

The subject of various industry beef’s including Mobb Deep (Candyman has addressed rapper Prodigy quite a few times on songs and in physical altercations) who reportedly was attacked by the rapper (Candyman 187) and his posse. Also rumored incidents involving Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs, LL Cool J (It is rumored that a physical altercation took place) and many other artists. Then comes the most recent in a list of ‘beefs’ with DJ Scribbles. The New York based DJ stated that he was a victim of one of Candyman’s outbursts.

“I was interviewing him one minute, discussing some of the wild aspects of his life, which I suppose he did not want to discuss” States DJ Scribbles “and he just flipped out!, out of no where he starts spitting at me, throwing *****, and then proceeds to punch and kick me. I understand this may be a life he is involved in, but I am not, and it was very humiliating, it has forced me to lose a lot of projects that I was a part of. Because of the fear and pain this man has caused in our lives. I am currently pursuing legal action”. Says DJ Scribbles. “He is completely out of control, he is wild, and unprofessional. Not only did he assault me, he spit on my assistant and the camera man and also damaged a lot of our equipment, including my scratch table which he broke. I understand that the west coast thug life style is different than what most people are used to, but we are entertainers, we don’t ask to be a part of that lifestyle, I was forced to witness this against my will. Someone needs to help him because he is on a fast track to his demise and the fast life will catch up to him sooner or later”.

Candyman has risen through the ranks very quickly over the past year or so. Stepping on to the scene with his controversial Revolutionary Thug Poet Style. At the same time representing for the legendary Tupac Shakur. He has been the one to give hope to a lot of the hopeless. A member of “Tha Havenotz”, he is known to live the “I don’t give a *****” lifestyle. A very talented rapper, with a dream of a perfect world, a Thug Nation, much as that of Tupac himself. He has earned the respect of many in the industry and throughout the world, but he also has earned the hate of quite a few.

Candyman was once quoted as saying “I’m the type of nigga you love or love to hate, but regardless you want to know what I’m doing or am going to do or say next, a real nigga!”.

I for one cannot standby and watch another young brother bring his life to a tragic ending. But it seems Candyman will not stop, and now all of us are left asking “is there anyone that can save him?” and the answer it seems is NO.

Another associate of Candyman, who wished that his name be kept private stated “Candyman is a talented cat, he’s real smart, a *****ing genius. But he is a street kid, he lives by the code of the streets. And it is hard to deal with him, because he does not listen to anyone, he does what he feels right. He is crazy, but how many geniuses aren’t? He talking about what goes on, what we see, what we go through everyday, he is the voice for the forgotten, the havenots, the people who nobody cares about, that’s who Candyman cares for. He is a rider, a real rider, he rides for the people. A very political brother, but also a Thug. So yes he is wild, but you cant help but love him and pray that one day he will grow out of his wild ways.”

We tried to reach Candyman for comment, but could did not get an answer. He has just finished work on the Yaki Kadafi (a fallen member of Tupac’s Outlawz, also Tupac’s younger brother) album. This album is a masterpiece produced by up and coming producer Donny Rizzo (check it out at www.yakikadafi.com). Kadafi’s mother and Tupac’s Aunt, Yaasmyn Fula is said to have a very close relationship with Candyman, it is said that they are like mother and son. It is evident that Candyman is riding for both his brothers legacies, Tupac and Yafeu live through Candyman.

He is in the process of recording a new album for “Tha Havenotz” and rumor has it that a lot of people who were riding with Tupac Shakur (including Storm, Mopreme Shakur, and Fatal Hussein) are riding with Candyman 187 and will be active parts of the album. The Cd is one of the most anticipated releases of 2005. The industry cant stop talking about it and the streets are buzzing about it. It has been said that he is the one to carry the torch that Tupac Shakur left and it is evident that he is definitely well equipped and ready to take on the responsibility. We have been searching for a new leader for quite some time, and many have said that Candyman 187 is the one.

His drinking and smoking, and wild life style has us all very worried. Because it is very painful to watch another brother fight to end their own life. He is completely out of control, and needs to be helped. According to some he has declared a war against all the ‘fakes’ and ‘oppressors’ in the industry. And others say he has lost his mind, which is true? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, Thug Life is running through his veins, and he represents it to the fullest.

Watching him makes you see the perfect battle between good and evil. Because it is evident through his lyrics and actions that he is fighting within himself, fighting for the right and the wrong. The revolutionary and the Thug in him clash all the time. All we can do is wait and watch, as his legend unfolds. Let us hope that this time our beloved son lives.


Also inteviews done with various associates of Candyman 187.

Dj Scribbles interviewed courtesy of Scribblenomics entertainment.

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