?uestlove: Hip Hop Is A Business

?uestlove of tells Australia’s Time Off magazine he appreciates the fact that major labels are struggling to adjust to a changed market and most underground players are unrealistic. “You gotta treat this music business like a relationship and you can’t make a one-night-stand into an act of love,” he said. “That’s what many of these people confuse it with. [They say] ‘Oh, my art, my artform, I love my artform’. Yeah, I love my artform, too, but I totally understand this is a business and I’ll get chewed and spat out if I don’t treat it as such. I can’t play naive like I did the first two times around. We got kids, we got wives, we got businesses to run, so it wouldn’t be too wise for us to just give our finger to the label and make the album we wanna make because we wanna make a statement.”

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