?uestlove: Mainstream Hip Hop Is One-Dimensional & Character-Driven

leader ?uestlove spoke with Rolling Stone about the band’s new album ‘Game Theory’, due August 29th, and the trouble finding socially conscious hip-hop on radio or television. “The hip-hop that’s allowed to reach the mainstream is only one certain type of hip-hop, and there’s the danger of the minstrelsy of it,” says ?uestlove. “The more one-dimensional, character-driven hip-hop is what seems to be driving the big bucks — because people want a show. Like, Eminem’s the crazy white-trash man who hates his mommy; 50 Cent got shot nine times; Jay-Z is a bad drug dealer gone good. And the problem is: Who is Black Thought? Chuck D once said, ‘Hip-hop is black America’s CNN’ — but now it’s turned into black America’s UPN… I’m not going to be competing with Yung Joc or ‘Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It.'”

The full story at rollingstone.com has since been removed/relocated.

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