?uestlove Previews The Roots’ New Album

A year after releasing ‘The Tipping Point’, ?uestlove tells Time Off magazine that are already preparing their next effort. “We went on tour in April of 2004 and we’ve been on the road for about a year, hitting Europe and all kinds of marketplaces,” ?uestlove says. “You guys will be our last hit and then we will finish the album that is now titled ‘Game Theory’, which will be out in February 2006. ‘Game Theory’ is a very dark record, and we’re about 80 percent finished. Pretty much every Roots album is a reflection of the world, hip-hop and whatever is going on in The Roots. Personally, it’s just a yin-yang thing with us – we move to the left, we move to the right – and for this particular album, we’re taking our cue from ‘The Tipping Point’, which is very much a normal album, and this album is going to move a little more to the left.”

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