Understanding Hip Hop Helped J5 Create Unique Sound

Todd Gilchrist of Entertainment Today spoke with Chali 2na and Soup of . 2na explained that understanding a thorough history of hip-hop development was essential to crafting their now-trademark sound. “We loved the Run DMCs and the LL Cool Js of the world when they first came out,” 2na says. “But later we ran into old tapes of the Cold Crush Brothers, Force MDs, and saw how hip-hop was put down in the beginning when there weren’t any videos or budget record companies. You’ll find that a lot of them cats had long, concise choruses, long ones, would switch the mic a lot, they had to entertain the crowd. That’s the ethic that we take from the whole ‘old-school’ aspect of things, that’s why people always try to put that label on us.” Read more.

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