Unguarded Lyrics Embarrass Eminem

Kelefa Sanneh of the New York Times was on hand for The Source press conference to listen to a “profoundly poor hip-hop track from about a decade ago, maybe longer” from . Sanneh opined, “These revelations will undoubtedly give Eminem’s detractors more reason to dislike him, but they probably won’t much bother his hardcore fans. Although much has been made of Eminem’s hip-hop credibility, the truth is that for the past few years a number of hip-hop fans — especially black hip-hop fans — seem to have been losing interest in the rapper, who never seemed comfortable in any community, not even the hip-hop community. His music still hews closely to hip-hop’s beats-and-rhymes blueprint, but his persona comes straight out of rock ‘n’ roll: the sullen loner, the paranoid rebel.” Read more.

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