Urban Trenz Response To Nelly’s Apple Bottoms

March 24, 2004

OAKLAND– At no time did Urban Trenz act in a fraudulent or illegal manner regarding there search to sponsor a Bay Area representative to the Los Angles Apple Bottoms Model Search. Urban Trenz discussed this event with the west coast rep and acted under its communication with the west coast rep with the understanding that Apple Bottoms was aware of this event. During the two-week promotion period Urban Trenz was not contacted in writing regarding any unauthorized participation to sponsor an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles to one lucky young lady to compete in the Apple Bottoms model search.

The $25.00 registration fee was to subsidize some of the cost of materials and promotion to hold the event and we resent that Apple Bottoms would imply that Urban Trenz defrauded participants knowing the cost of radio promotions, miscellaneous promotion, staff participant’s, badges, materials, and all other cost to host an event of this magnitude. Not to mention Urban Trenz cost of an all expense paid trip (airfare, hotel, meals) to one lucky young lady to participate in the Los Angles competition search for an Apple Bottoms Girl. Apple Bottoms has inferred in its press release that Urban Trenz acted purely for financial gain. This is a very serious and damaging statement to Urban Trenz and Urban Trenz will be fully investigating the legal ramification of such a statement in a press release without Apple Bottoms fully knowing the facts.

Urban Trenz is extremely disturbed that Apple Bottoms would refer to some of the events attendees as being offended, and that the event, its event participants/Apple Bottoms customers and/or attendees of the event as undignified or offensive. This statement is extremely prejudicial and inflammatory from a company that clearly markets and promotes its jeans based on the rear anatomy of young urban women!!

Urban Trenz was one of the first Bay Area Authorized Dealers of Apple Bottoms and during its business relationship has purchased over $10,000 in product with Apple Bottoms and clearly supports their line of clothing. Urban Trenz acted in a full professional manner not only to afford the opportunity for one lucky young lady to have an all expense paid trip to participate in the search. Eighty-Five percent (85%) of the participants purchased a pair of Apple Bottoms Jeans and or tops and received a 15% discount which increases Apple Bottoms notoriety and customer base.

It is clear that Apple Bottoms is attempting to slander Urban Trenz an Authorized Dealer by this press release in requesting its addressees to share this information with their audience. Urban Trenz is prepared to answer in a public format with one of Apple Bottoms representatives present and a representative from Urban Trenz to answer these accusations.

Lynn M. Reed
CEO LM & LR Enterprises LLC

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