V-103’s Ski Goes Head-To-Head With O’Reilly

V-103 morning man Frank Ski went head to head with Bill O’Reilly tonight on the O’Reilly Factor to discuss Bill’s successful quest to get Pepsi to can from its advertisements. Ski had told his listeners, “This is bigger than Ludacris. It’s about letting someone outside the community like white conservative Bill O’Reilly speak for the black community and its members.” His spokeswoman Zee Bradford told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Frank has a message, and it’s bound to get interesting.” Unfortunately he didn’t rattle Bill nearly as much as William McGurn of the Wall Street Journal did earlier in the show. Read on for a transcript of most of the interview.

Bill: All right. I’m not judging him as a man, judging him as a so-called
artist who is subverting the country and that’s why i objected. Am I wrong?
I guess i am.

Ski: Absolutely.

Bill: Tell me why?

Ski: Well, i think for one thing, bill, you have to understand that
you have made a healthy living doing the exact same thing that you’re accusing
ludacris of doing.

Bill: Oh, yeah? How is that?

Ski: Well, i mean, figure it this way. You know, do you this very well
on your show and that is, you use the freedom of speech and freedom of
expression to criticize everybody with no problem and nobody coming back
on you and ludacris is using his right to free speech and free expression
to talk about the things he wants to talk about.

Bill: That’s a stretch. We have people like you on the program all the
time to come back at me. What ludacris does is basically disrespects women.
Encourages drug use. Encourages violence. I don’t believe I do any of that
here on the “tack factor.”

Ski: Well, actually not a matter of sensoring the music, it’s what you’re
doing. And the interesting part about it is, we all have a right to our
own opinion and the free speech and free expression. You get on there,
you insult the president or al sharpton or anybody you want to and nobody
says anything. But —

Bill: They say plenty.

Ski: But they say plenty. At the same time, you know that that is exactly
what you’re doing. You sensationalize the story das das.

Bill: Let’s put it this way. I don’t want to sensor ludacris. He can
do whatever he wants to do. I’m not telling def jam not to put out his
records. It’s on def jam. What I’m saying that pepsi, because they make
trillions of dollars has responsibility to the country, all right, not
to promote antisocial behavior. Come on.

Ski: You know what? Most americans would have agreed with you in the
urban community had you not singled out only one person —

Bill: He was the guy that pepsi hired. I’m holding pepsi accountable
for his abysmal behavior. Let’s take it —

Ski: Who else, bill?

Bill: What do you mean? If there is another person that — I’ll look
at him.

Ski: What about Britney? What about the brittany-bob dole commercials.
What about Britney and Bob Dole when bob dole told his dog, down boy, down,
boy. With the section sexual connotation with brittany doing the grind.
Nobody is disagreeing that there are people who oppose the music. Music
is not the issue here. The issue is, bill o’reilly speaking for urban america

Bill: I’m speaking for myself. And if nobody agrees with me, ludacris
is still have his job. But most americans understand — mr. Ski, most americans
undetatand what ludacris does for a living, subverts the country and encourages
antisocial behavior. Disrespectful to women, he encourages violence and
drug use. Now, if you want to condone that, I don’t believe for a second
that the minority community, the black community, the hip-hop community
for a second believes that this lyrical stuff that he puts out is the way
we should be living. I don’t believe that for a second.

Ski: Well, let me tell you about the urban community. Because that’s
wr I’m a little bit more privy to information than you are. Most people
who listen to that don’t take it as truth. They take it as entertainment
and fantasy. That’s the difference. The difference is, if you watch a movie
whether it be quinton terrantino shooting up a place, most people don’t
say I’m going to go out because this person got away with it, he can shoot
up a bar. They know it’s fantasy. Rap music fantasy. Ludacris is fantasy.

Bill: I’ve heard that before. On monday i want to you watch the The
Factor we’re bring on two grammar school teachers who teach in the inner-city.
They’re going to tell us that they’re little boys, fourth and fifth graders
now call little girls hos and bitches. And the reason they do that is because
they listen to people like ludacris and emenem and these sleazey thugs

Ski: Bill, do you really believe that? Do you believe —

Bill: Absolutely believe it.

Ski: Do you believe it’s the music or lack of parental —

Bill: Both.

Ski: Let me give you example. I grew up listening to richard prior as
a kid in the 197 o 0’S. I knew bet whear to say. I’m not influenced by
the things that i heard as i grew up —

Bill: We’re proud of you for that. Other children are not as lucky.
Terrible behavior should not be rewarded in this society. Last word you
got ten seconds. Go.

Ski: Last word, ten seconds. Bill o’reilly you do a great job. We appreciate
the job. But please do not always criticize the urban community where you
don’t know a whole lot about it.

Bill: Mr. Ski, thanks very much.

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