Vi Previews New Album caught up with Vi for a Q&A and asked what fans could expect on his new album. “The album is called ‘Hustler Music.’ I just linked up with Terrence Dudley who did ’s song ‘Life’s on the Line,’ Dru Hill’s song ‘Tell Me’ and most recently Usher’s ‘Confessions’ remix,” Vi explained. “He produced a song with me and Al B. Sure. When the public hears my record their gonna go nuts. I do have Killer Mike and Bone Crusher. I got Khu Joe Goodie. My publicist introduced me to him. We met and he was like ‘Let’s do something together.’ What was funny about it was he just got his leg cut off because he was in a wreck. He came to the studio on crutches on one leg and spit. We did the song over a Red Spyder track. When I saw him on one leg he made me realize my blessings so I just got up and did my thing too. As far as production I got Midi Mafia who did ’21 Questions’. My manager hooked that up. Tony Perez sent me the track and I loved it and that became the title track, which is ‘Hustler Music’. I got Swiff Man out of Outkast Camp, Poly and London and Club House who produced ‘Summertime’ for Will Smith.”

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