Vinnie Scullo – From Hollywood Extra To Hip-Hop Hero

Contributed by AdamBernard:

The story of the young man who goes to Hollywood to find his dream is one as old as Hollywood itself. Vinnie Scullo’s story involves a stay in the sunny California city, but he’s still waiting for a scriptwriter to come up with his Hollywood ending. After being cut off by his grandparents for using his college tuition money to buy studio equipment Vinnie moved to Hollywood to pursue his goal of being an MC. He worked as an extra for shows such as Scrubs, That 70’s Show and CSI Miami until a run in with Ashton Kutcher would lead to Vinnie’s firing from not just That 70’s Show, but also his casting company, making it necessary for him to move back to Cleveland. In 2006 he released two albums, the double CD Hollywood Menace – The Hills Have Lies, and See You At The Gap. Whether he’s sampling The White Stripes, or looping the He-Man theme, Vinnie spits lyrics that range from angry to completely hilarious, oftentimes mixing the two. Vinnie opened for Obie Trice earlier this year, and today he’s opening up for everyone to tell the world what Vinnie Scullo is really all about. For five questions with Vinnie Scullo, visit

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