What It Means To Go Indy In Today’s Music Industry

Contributed by AdamBernard:

“Why is the industry designed to keep the artist in debt?” We’ve all heard the horror stories about major labels supposedly ripping off their artists. In fact, there are so many of those claims it’s nearly impossible to avoid them. On their quest for the best possible situation for both artistic and financial freedom a lot of artists have started to turn to independent labels. To find out more about what an artist is getting themselves into when they head to an independent label ReactMag went straight to the top, J. Michales, President and Owner of Mekko Records. Originally launched in Los Angeles, Mekko Records now has offices in LA, New York and Ottawa, Canada, and J. Michaels has been heading it since day one. He took some time out of his day recently to break down the independent label situation, the hurdles one must get over in starting an indy label, and how the music industry parallels high school in a lot of ways. Read more.

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