What Ludacris’ Mother Had To Say About O’Reilly

Here’s what ’ mother had to say about O’Reilly Factor host Bill O’Reilly after his call for a boycott of Pepsi over Luda doing a commercial for the soft drink company.

This is a mother’s response to the Fox network O’Reilly Factor commentary on Ludacris. Mr. O’Reilly, how irresponsible, arrogant, erroneous and slanderous of you to call my son a thug. I am referring to your statement, “O’Reilly believes that the company (Pepsi) was irresponsible for hiring a “thug” to represent their product.” Not true! Ludacris is an entertainer and an artist, and just like every artist in music, video, movie and the arts, he has the right to artistic expression. Let’s keep it real. Fox cannot take the high ground with respect to artistic expression. Fox produces shows, movies, video games and air commercials that depict violence and sex, and offend and degrade women. Furthermore, I take exception that you call my son “a dumb idiot who got lucky and exploits the system that we have.” That comment is an oxymoron and it, too, is untrue. He has prepared for his opportunities since he was 8 years old when he said, “Mom I love music and whether I am in front of the microphone or behind it, I will be in the music industry.” He pursued his music vision through effective relationship building, academic studies and hands-on experience, including internships in radio and entertainment law. How inappropriate of you to minimize his accomplishments due to ignorance.

As for your statement, “I don’t want antisocial behavior to be rewarded in our society,” what antisocial behavior has Ludacris ever demonstrated? None!!!!!! He is a hard working responsible young person. He has integrity and does not prejudge a man before meeting him. Have you met my son? Mr. O’Reilly takes the mirror test. How righteous of a man or even responsible of a journalist are you? You prejudged Ludacris and shared misinformation as if it was a universal truth – information that is damaging to him as an artist. It is you who is demonstrating antisocial behavior and slander. However, we take the higher ground and do not call for elimination of the rewards that you receive through your exploitation of artists.

Let me enlighten you about Ludacris and why we are proud of him. First, my son has always been tenacious in seeking his goals and has a strong sense of community responsibility. His first major accomplishment was at age 21. He took his life savings and, together with good credit, purchased his first house. Secondly, Ludacris is self-motivated and self-directed. At age 23, he self-funded, produced and successfully marketed his first album. This album was repackaged, released by Universal and received a Grammy nomination! Thirdly, his most recent accomplishment is the establishment of The Ludacris Foundation. The Foundation provides gifts, grants and scholarships to Foster Care Shelters, Stay-in-School and High School athletic programs, Book Drives/Reading and Art Appreciation programs and many other initiatives designed to increase self-esteem and motivate young people. The Foundation board includes members from the art industry and corporate executives from Fortune 500 companies that share Ludacris’ passion and concern for young people.

In closing, Mr. O’Reilly my son will continue to be successful despite you and others like you who rail against artistic expression. He is blessed with success because he has faith, vision and is willing to work hard.

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One thought on “What Ludacris’ Mother Had To Say About O’Reilly

  1. Mary says:

    Ludacris You are a great artist and I am 50 years old and get jiggy with your music. Mr O’Reilly there nothing like an old fool. Judge not and you shall not be judged. Ludacris keep giving me good music.

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