What’s Love? Everything!

Adisa Banjoko of the San Francisco Bay View is lashing out at the hip-hop community and its disrespect towards women. She writes, “In Hip Hop, we talk about family, but often we don’t mean it. We’re quick to share hollow hugs and pounds, flash false peace signs and give high fives, but rarely are we truly serious about family. Before you write me off, let’s look at some of today’s lyrics and think about their long-term implications. On and R. Kelly’s ‘We Thuggin’,’ Joey Crack says: ‘Fu** a bitch if she act too grown/ I don’t need that sh**, I got my wife at home.’ Well, he should take his ass home to her. This is adultery, and this song gets rotation in the Bay almost hourly. What can we expect the kids who are 11, 12, 13 right now to be like growing up on music that encourages this type of mindset?”

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