When A Song Is Mistaken For An Anthem

OutKast’s Big Boi was more than a little surprised when radio stations started playing ‘Bombs Over Baghdad’ as a sign of support for the troops in Iraq and some U.S. troops reportedly sang the song while going into battle. The problem is Big Boi was strongly opposed to the U.S. invading Iraq without United Nations support and he never intended the song as a pro-war exercise. “We make a record and then it is up to people to take what they want from it,” he said. “We explain a song when people ask, but we can’t control how they feel about it. In our case, fans know where we stand pretty much. I talk to them in the street all the time. I really think Bush should have gone through the United Nations before going over there. But once the fighting starts, everything changes. You have guys over there with families here, and you have to support the troops and pray for them. So, if the song helps them keep their spirits up, I don’t have a problem with that.”

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