Where Are The 504 Boys And Master P?

Contributed Anonymously:

Where are the 504 Boys, and in the wake of the devastation that has hit Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina? We all buy their music and make them filthy rich. We watch them flash their bling and various cars, but where are they now? We see various celebrities on TV, donating money and starting fund raisers to help support the recovery efforts, but we haven’t seen not one of them or heard of not one of them donating to help the cause. The rappers brag on how much money they have and show us their beautiful mansions, but “WHERE ARE THEY NOW”, when their own state that they claim and represent needs them. WHERE ARE THEY NOW, for the hundreds of people across 4 states that buy their records that where affected by Hurricane Katrina??????? I feel they need to step up to the plate. I know that their lives have been affected by this tradgedy as well, but you have to HELP YOUR OWN PEOPLE, AND THE ONES THAT SUPPORT YOU, and helped you get to your current social status!!

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