Where Are The Rappers?

Is there anyone out there besides me that wonder’s if anyone’s getting into the rap game for the art anymore?

In a day where the biggest rims, biggest systems, biggest and colorfulest (if that’s an actual word) diamonds seem to flood the media in hip hop we can venture to say no.

Not that showing our possessions or wanting nice things is a bad thing. No, not at all. But damn remember the old school battles, where cats just wanted to rhyme about their block, school, a fly honey or a party…. Not just about who their jeweler is, or how many thousands of dollars they spent on platinum teeth.

Sadly even when some of the “underground” artists get tired of being broke, or tire of grindin’ on their own, low and behold, they making songs with R&B singer’s, trying to get played on the radio, and get their video’s out to the masses.

Even sadder is that we have lost our artists, and just have rapper’s. The loss of Tupac and Biggie will never be truly felt, we have given ourselves these half as talented people to carry the torch. will never be to the game, what Big or Pac was. Nas will never equal their intellect, have their style or flow.

I can remember a time when the were 3 guys and were underground’s hottest ticket, and made fun of Puffy Daddy’s (his name at the time) dancing skills.

Yet everyone seems to tire of “in it for the love of it” after seeing their counterparts blow up. We the public are then stuck with a radio list full of songs that all sound alike, all produced by the same 5 teams.

It just leaves us to wonder, when will we see another visionary. I can just hope it’s before I die.

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