White Dawg Turns Down Major Label Deal For Net Distribution

Contributed Anonymously:

White Dawg , Florida’s underground king, has made thousands of dollars
over the last few weeks from paid downloads on his web site
www.whitedawgonline.com. He charges his loyal fans $1.00 per song or only $10.00 for
the whole album. White Dawg says, “This is the way of taking our music back from the
majors. The internet has given us as artists a level playing field. We don’t need
money for pressing any more since they can buy my songs right off my site, which
after they can burn to their own cd. All the money goes to the artist and not
the greedy music industry cartels who have had this industry under their
control for the last century. We can focus all our money on marketing instead of
pressing. We have three of my albums on there along with the screwed down
versions. We also put ‘Raw and Uncut’ which features freestyles and unreleased cuts
for our fans. Every time someone downloads one of my songs or albums on line
its like saying fu** you to the majors. We can keep control of our music this
way instead of having major labels telling us what kind of records to make. I
think this is going to seriously change the way music is sold and marketed in
the up and coming years. If you are tired of the music these majors are putting
out you have to make sure you support the indies. We are going to change the
game the same way did in the late 1990’s. It’s my goal to show other
artists how to do this so they dont have to sign these messed up deals with
these crooked labels. All the transactions are handled through pay pal just like
on ebay so the payment method is safe and convient for the fans. They simply
put in their debit or credit card number in and once it clears they get a email
with the link to download the album or song. The money goes directly into the
artist’s account. No waiting on a distributor or record label to pay you. I
am making money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with this. I
wake up and i have money in my account. It’s the closest thing to selling
dope! 102 JAMZ has just stepped up Radio play on my new single ‘Chevy Boy’
and the fans have been hitting up the site like crazy downloading it. If you haven’t
heard my music before, you are able to listen to 30 seconds of it for free. I
plan on putting up freestyles and new songs every week along with beats that I
produced. Make sure you support your boy and download the album for me.”
Spread the word….the Music Industry is about to change drastically!

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