Why Don’t They Punk DMX?

During Chris Rock’s opening monologue of the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday, he joked, “Punk’d is a show they play a practical jokes on celebrities and tell them that they broke, you know, they find people like, what’s my man, Justin Timberlake or Brittany Murphy and tell them that they’re broke. Now they told Justin he was broke and soon as they told Justin he started crying a river. And when they told Justin Timberlake that he was broke, he got a real white all of a sudden, he’s like, ‘Dude, I’m broke, I don’t know what to do! Mommy, mommy’. And just when he got so desperate that he got on his knees and threatened to lick a man for eight bucks, somebody shows up and says, ‘Man, you’d been Punk’d!’ Then Justin gets all black and says ‘Yeah, you got me, yeah, dog, yeah!’ Yeah, they always Punk people like Justin, all these Mickey Mouse celebrities. You never see them try to Punk any rappers. I want to see them try to punk . ‘Hey, DMX, you’ve been Punk’d’. ‘Oh yeah? You’ve been stabbed’.”

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