Why The Big Fuss About 50 Cent Being Declared The Best Rapper?

For the past few years you have an artist come and go from the music industry. But you have two labels and two main artists that hip-hop fans argue over. Which are and Ja Rule. I mean couple years back Ja had everybody head nodding to his music. Now couple years later you have guy called 50 cent that comes out and call an artist a “Wanksta” beef or no beef I think you shouldn’t hype your music to get in the game. Just think about it two grown ass men battling over stupid things like 12 year olds would fight over video games. And fans lately claim 50 the best in the game….Yeah Right!! Dude has not been out that long to be claimed the “Best” in the game. I mean give 50 some years and see what’s up then. But do you really declare this man the best because he dissed another artist? sit back and really think who is your best rapper, I’m not saying 50 can not be the best but he has yet to achieve the crown to be the “Best” but hey I guess people have their own ways and opinions to declare their own.

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