Wiley Freestyles, Talks Chipmunk & Donaeo

dropped a short freestyle during a visit with Tim Westwood on his 1Xtra show. The British rapper also weighed in on some other UK artists, offering some critical thoughts about Chipmunk and wondered why Donaeo doesn’t like him. “This tune was on Donaeo’s old album, and his old album didn’t do what it was meant to do,” Wiley explained. “Anyhow, I bought his old album, so I was listening to his album for ages, and that song stood out. Remember this is a year and a half later after his album failed.” He said when a DJ played the song before Wiley could play it for him, Donaeo called him upset wondering what he had done to his tune, but Wiley said he rescued his song. Watch the freestyle and interview via YouTube below.

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