will.i.am Is With Obama For An 8-Year Ride

Black Eyed Peas

of the Black Eyed Peas spoke with The Sun about his support of U.S. President Barack Obama, who he helped out in during the campaign season with the ‘Yes We Can’ all-star music video. “Obama has done a great deal as President up to this point and I don’t care about any backlash,” Will said. “I don’t follow waves or trends or emotions. If I did I would never have supported Obama in the first place. Being President is not a two-year fix. It’s got to be an eight-year ride and I’m in there with him. It took us eight years under Bush to get us in this mess. At least give the dude eight years to get us out of it. Give the guy a chance. I saw him at The White House a few months ago and he was finding it tough. We need to get behind him as a country.”

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One thought on “will.i.am Is With Obama For An 8-Year Ride

  1. barry soetoro says:

    Will.i.am is a fu**ing moron that needs to keep his mouth shut when it comes to politics. Obama, not even a citizen of the USA, is a farce who was brought in by the globalists who pull the strings and call the shots. Obama is a puppet, just like George Bush before him.

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