will.i.am Sounds Off On Military Action In Libya


of the Black Eyed Peas sounded off on America’s involvement in military action in Libya, suggesting the money would be better off spent domestically. Will told his Twitter followers (@iamwill) on Saturday (March 19):

What’s wrong with the world???

Its funny were quick to spend money and fight other country’s problems? But in the USA its impossible to fight for new jobs, and education

Its strange that it takes speeches and division & politics to send our youth off into the future equipped. but its easy to send missiles

Its saddens me that its so hard to create new jobs that are healthy for americas future, but jobs of war take no time at all…

Do you know how many people die every year because of diabetes? Do you know how many people will be without jobs due to no education?

How healthy is america 20years from now, (physically and economic)I think about it, what more terrorising? Where are we going?

We can’t and shouldn’t fix anyone’s problems until we fix our own…we learned that from iraq…ahhh…what are we doing?

Do you know how much it cost to do what we are dong right now??? Who approves things….who’s future & best interest is being protected???

I’m not saying we shouldn’t support people in need and suffering. but you don’t deny your own people and ignore the cry out new jobs and edu

we are answering the calls of threatened people. so they send missiles. “In the USA” every youths future is threatened..do they respond?

I’m not saying we shouldnt be in libya. I’m saying we shouldn’t continue to ignore our problems and put them off, and have more speeches?

@BarackObama I “hope” we respond to american issues as fast as we did libya’s. isn’t our youths future is threatened…???

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