will.i.am Weighs In On Arizona Illegal Immigration Law

is sounding off on the Arizona illegal immigration law in several Twitter updates (@iamwill) tonight. The Black Eyed Peas member writes:

Boondocks is funny “Sayin I’m riding” if I didn’t stand up “we would have McCain” who else stood up? Now Arizona is hating Mexicans

I didn’t say I made Obama “American people did”… I’m just proud that I stood up… now we have to stand up for racial profiling…

My bad…I meant: “stand up against racial profiling”… Pardon my text error due to “emotions”

The racial profiling is aimed at Mexicans. “There are illegal, Russians, Chinese, Brazilians, Europeans, Australians, and Arabs in the USA”

The sad thing is Mexicans do jobs Americans don’t do. And then we complain like there a nuisance. What if all Chicano’s went on strike?

I’m going to say something controversial but true… Today Latinos are the new “blacks in America” (With no Martin Luther King)

They clean and build homes, take care of kids, pick fruit, clean bathrooms (for nickels) and Americans complain. “Those jobs are taxing”

I was raised around and by Mexicans… some illegal, some legal. good people. they make America “America”

Now I didn’t say Mexicans are “good for cleaning”. I’m making a point. People come USA for opportunity. “To work and support family.”

Employer has $1000 to pay for work. Someone will do it for $100. The person doing it for 100 gets the job tells his friends. Who’s at fault?

“Practice job profiling” not “racial profiling” Latinos would come to USA if employers chose legal labor over cheap labor

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