Will Kanye West’s Mouth Cost Him Album Of The Year?

MTV News caught up with backstage at the Billboard Awards, where he discussed predictions he’d heard that his ‘Late Registration’ LP would be a likely contender for Album of the Year — but wouldn’t win because of West’s tendency to run his mouth. “If I don’t win Album of the Year, I’m gonna really have a problem with that,” said West. “I can never talk myself out of [winning], you know why? Because I put in the work. I don’t care if I jumped up and down right now on the couch like Tom Cruise. I don’t care what I do, I don’t care how much I stunt — you can never take away from the amount of work I put into it. So I don’t wanna hear all of that politically correct stuff. You put the camera in front of me, I’m gonna tell you like this. I worked hard to get here. I put my love, I put my heart, I put my money [into ‘Late Registration’]. I’m $600,000 in the hole right now on that album and you tell me about being politically incorrect?” Read more.

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