will.i.am Responds To Perez Hilton Assault Allegation

will.i.am is responding to charges by Perez Hilton that the rapper and his bodyguards assaulted him at an after party for Sunday night’s Much Music Video Awards in Toronto. Will said that Perez had insulted Fergie earlier in the night regarding her music, so he approached the gossip blogger to ask him to not be disrespectful of Fergie or the band. Perez then told Will he doesn’t respect the band and called him a fag. At that point, Will says some of his fans who were watching Perez shouting the slurs started going after Mario Lavandeira.

Video of what will.i.am. had to say at dipdive.com has since been removed.

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One thought on “will.i.am Responds To Perez Hilton Assault Allegation

  1. Chris R says:

    Sometimes people deserve what they get. From what I read, Perez deserved more than he got.

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