Wu-Tang’s Masta Killa Warns Against The Diss

Rob Harvilla of the Phoenix New Times spoke with ’s Masta Killa for his thoughts on the Nas/Jay-Z battle and hip hop beefs in general. Killa said, “I love the sport, the art of hip-hop, but I wouldn’t disrespect anyone to the point of making him feel other than a man. You might say, ‘Damn, Masta Killa tore your ass up in that battle,’ but you know, that’s just music.” As for he or his Wu-Tang mates getting targetted, he warned, “Long as that sh** don’t come on toward me and none of my Iron Flag brothers, yo: It’ll be all right. ‘Cause I know nobody out there — no groups, nothin’ — will never survive comin’ through my brothers. You won’t survive.”

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