WWE’s John Cena Brands Ja Rule As ‘So Fake’

Rapping wrestler John Cena weighed in on the ongoing feud between 50 Cent and saying that while he respects 50, Ja is “A bit of a punk.” Cena told ChartAttack.com during a recent stop in Toronto, “I’m really not feeling the fact that he turned gangsta. Ja Rule was a guy singing hooks and doing R&B remixes. Now he’s talking about shooting people and killing people and that’s not what he’s about — it’s so fake.”

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2 thoughts on “WWE’s John Cena Brands Ja Rule As ‘So Fake’

  1. Mrarthritis7 says:

    I always watch WWE on cable TV and I am a big wrestler fan ever since I was just a kid

  2. wwechick101 says:

    I Love WWE. I dont care if its fake but its fun and entertaining… i watched it since I was 4 or 5 Years old

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