Wyclef Comments On Lauryn Hill ‘Unplugged’

weighed in on Lauryn Hill’s recent ‘Unplugged’ album to Launch.com, saying of his Fugees bandmate, “I think Lauryn’s music is just a reflection of how she feels in her mind, a state of mind of whatever she’s in. And me knowing her since she was like 14, I could see like, ‘She’s happy, this is what it’s going to be. If she’s in a spiritual mode, this is what this is going to be.’ If she wants to flip some hip-hop on you, she’s going to kill you with some hip-hop, but I think this is more where she’s at right now. I think that maybe the reason she’s like this is probably everything that she’s been through and seen, and she probably wanted to be real intimate with her guitar and her lyrics and stuff.”

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