Xzibit: Obama Win A Victory For All People

reacted to news Barack Obama has been elected the 44th U.S. President on his blog at MySpace. The Los Angeles based rapper writes:

Wow. imagine that. I am blown away. I saw in my life time, a BLACK man… Elected by a LAND SLIDE as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. This sends a very strong and powerful message to people of ALL race, color, and creed. There are a lot of people that did not want to see this happen, mostly out of fear and ignorance but mainly out of ignorance. It has been a very stress filled 8 years we have lived thru with the last president in office and it was scary to make the changes we have. No doubt. Watching FOX News was funny as hell tonight, those folks spent the whole election process tearing PRESIDENT OBAMA down, and then announcing his nomination. It was like watching the racist guy explain how they are NOT racist because they had a best friend that was black in high school. (lets keep it real) Is this a victory for black people, no…this is a victory for ALL people.

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