Xzibit On Last Call With Carson Daly

performed ‘Multiply’ off his ‘Man Vs. Machine’ album on Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday morning. Afterwards, X chatted with Carson for a bit on his small role in ‘8 Mile’ and the sweet job he landed as a photographer for Playboy online. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Xzibit’s still here. We’ve got just a couple of minutes.
Hey, I wanna say thank you for being here, ’cause you know I’m a fan and
I love your work. The album’s great.

Xzibit: Thank you.

Carson: I was watching “8 mile.” And em’s great in it, the movie’s great.
I loved it. But I like your scene. You got a little scene stealing moment
in that.

Xzibit: Yeah. I play a bully in the film. You know, I had to really
dig down deep and find —

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Yeah, right. A real stretch for you.

Xzibit: Yeah, it was a real stretch.

Carson: When you were shooting that scene where you’re sort of spitting,
was that tougher to do with the cameras on than, like, what you did for

Xzibit: No. I mean, it’s kind of like the same thing. Like, being in
a recording studio, you can just do take after take. But when you do it
on film, it’s kind of like you have to keep the same mannerisms. And, you
know, if you scratch your head on one certain line, you gotta scratch your
head onne forhe rest of the film. You know, but it was a good experience.
Curtis hanson, the rest of the production team. Eminem did a — yeah, it’s
a great movie.

Carson: And what is this about you being a “playboy” photographer? Where
did I miss out on that?

Xzibit: Yeah, man.

Carson: What did you do?

Xzibit: You know — you know — you know, hugh called me up.

Carson: Oh, yeah.

Xzibit: That was the word of the day. Hugh called me up.

Carson: Now that you’re a big actor.

Xzibit: Yeah, man, you know —

Carson: What did you do?

Xzibit: No, actually, it was just an online thing. And they had the
— they had the model there. We’ll call her a model.

Carson: Right.

[ Laughter ] If we were off camera, it’d be something else.

Xzibit: We had the model there. And then they just gave me the camera
and told me to have fun with it.

Carson: And you were taking the pictures?

Xzibit: Yeah.

Carson: Did you know anything about shooting pictures? Were you just
kind of —

Xzibit: No, man, you know, but you know it can’t be that hard. I’d seen
the layout before. Right angles, lighting.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: A little bit to the left.

Xzibit: Arch your back.

Carson: Arch your back.

[ Laughter ] Pick up the album. Check out “8 mile.” Nothing but love
for xzibit.

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