Xzibit On The VMA Red Carpet

MTV News caught up with on the red carpet of the Video Music Awards in Miami on Sunday night. Read on for a brief transcript.

MTV: Talk about pimp my ride, pimp my boat. I’m here with Xzibit, what is this a 60 foot yacht?

Xzibit: We had to come in style. We had to come in style, it’s the VMA’s we had to show up.

MTV: How do you get your hands on something like this?

Xzibit: Very carefully. You know what I’m saying? We’re the captain.

MTV: You chose to accessorize with four of the Dolphin girls?

Xzibit: If you move to the side we have four beautiful Dolphin cheerleaders.

MTV: Very classy.

Xzibit: You know, we get well quom to the city with honors.

MTV: Absolutely. Let’s talk about you got oon upcoming record coming out, called ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, you worked in the — worked in the past with Dr. Dre now Timberland.

Xzibit: Did he a single, good looking. The album is crazy. I got eclectic group of producers on there. It’s coming November 9th. I’m very excited. It’s going to be wonderful.

MTV: How many kids on an average day ask to you pimp their ride?

Xzibit: If I had a penny, I used to say a dollar. But if i add a penny every time asked me that — I wouldn’t have to rap.

MTV: Penny will do it.

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