Xzibit Reacts To Reaction Of His ‘Rove Live’ Racism Charge

has removed his post about ‘Rove Live’ being racist on his Myspace page and posted the following message to fans on Tuesday (June 26): “The fact that this Rove thing is actually NEWS is pretty lame. I wrote a blog on my Myspace page while everyone else seems to want to run to the newspapers and other media outlets to protect themselves. Listen I was there to do what I was asked to do I was never introduced to Rove himself, so me saying he’s racist may have been taken like a direct insult, but that is the name of his show, so I had nothing else to refer to but ROVE when describing where I was. A lot of people coming on to my site to express themselves about that night some good some off the mark. It’s just all traffic to me. Maybe Rove isnt a racist, just ignorant to what his staff is doing in his behalf. IF you have a problem with what I say in my blogs… Stay off my site people. XZIBIT. PS see you tonight in Perth!!!!!”

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