Xzibit Reflects On Valentine’s Day

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@xzibit) on Friday (February 13), talking about Valentine’s Day, love and his gig at the Key Club. The rapper told readers:

FOR as long as I can remember, I have wanted to have a REAL valentine. Even in school you wanted to get the most cards and nasty chalky heart shaped candies that said sh** like “I love you” and ” remember me”, but this is different. A day that is already made up to squeeze money out of a dude to show his “love” for the one he’s with. And not everybody that hangs out on Valentine’s Day is in LOVE. I think people forget the basics of being REAL to each other. I at one time thought that living with 2 women at the same time was the way to go for me, WOW… THAT SH** WAS NUTS! Come on man, Platinum records, world tours, and millions to back it up, Love was not part of the equation. As you grow and mature you start to realize that you deserve more and you not getting sh** from doing what you are doing, instead you are giving more of yourself away than you could ever imagine. I’m not a saint, but I have fu**ed up a GANG of good sh**, enough to know what I’m talking about now. I’m happy now with no problems, well no HUGE problems that I can complain about. I am gearing up to perform @ the KEY CLUB tomorrow and it’s gonna be a big show! Come down if you can. We gonna hit the stage like the fu**ing SWAT team, it’s a crazy show. As far as Valentine’s Day here is my final thought: “LOVE THOSE WHO LOVE YOU” it’s as simple as that.

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