Xzibit Responds To The Game’s Diss

According to an admin posting at GUnitWorld.com, has responded to former G-Unit member who said the ‘Pimp My Ride’ star’s “time’s come and gone”. “I think that The Game is a young dude that is definitely coming into a serious game and its hard to say man, I don’t think the dude really understands the ramifications of really talking out of turn you know,” Xzibit said. “I mean I don’t come from speaking on other things, I come from just actions and I don’t know I mean if he has a problem with me im not hard to find. I think that hip hop is going to the degree of the ‘WWE’ and when people feel as though they need to feel personified by their image and what not, but im a real dude, I’m a father first and I don’t think he understands that when you are dealing from a level of realness that all that sh** don’t matter, its like everybody’s shooting and everybody can be touched. I just hope that where he’s coming from is from a genuine place and if he really has those genuine feelings towards me, he needs to come speak and address that cause I’m not hard to find.”

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