Xzibit Signs On To Twitter

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@xzibit) on Sunday (January 11), reacting to an imposter using his name on Twitter and setting up his own account in response. The rapper/actor tells readers:

Ok so I’m trying to stay up to date with all this new sh** that keeps us in each others biz day in and day out!! Only god knows why!! But here it is, Some a**hole is using Xzibit already and IT’S NOT ME! SO IM USING “mrxtothaz” on twitter.com. Come on thru and link it up. Let me know if you are coming from this site or if you are coming from xzibit.com. It should be fun, I say all kinds of funny sh** throughout the day so come check us out. Follow the Leader. Pass it along and tell everybody to join. (If you bring 100 people my site I will put you in my top friends list for a week) XZIBIT here’s the link: twitter.com/mrxtothaz if you can’t find me look for post from Lady Di from the message boards. See you there.

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