Xzibit Tells Aussies Despite Rove Race Controversy, He’ll Be Back

checked in with fans on his blog at Myspace on Friday (June 29) after performing at the Metro in Melbourne. “WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT THE SHOW TONIGHT!!!!!!! It’s easy to say the crowd was hype, but it was better than that,” the rapper said. “You see the whole crowd was all in tonight and it felt good to see what Australia was all about. All HIP HOP no BULLSH**. The media got nothing today the flames didnt get air at all. I’m here for my fans and that’s how it went down. I am so glad the fans are having such a good time at the shows, I want to thank all the people who took time to make this tour work as smoothly as it has. As I got out to Japan I wanna make it clear that I will be back for all my thousands of fans who came to the shows and the in stores. I regret the negative attention brought to my tour in Australia, it is a small thing compared to the big picture, I had a great time on this tour and can’t wait to get to Japan… Earth Live is going to be amazing. Stay focused and breath deeply. XZIBIT”

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