Xzibit Urges Online Peace With Rove

posted the following message on his blog at Myspace on Wednesday (June 27) in reference to fans writing negative messages at Rove McManus web sites: “STOP! This sh** has been blown WAY outta sorts. Just because these fu**in di**heads are banging on the internet on my Myspace page does not make it cool to go on his web sites and do the same thing. If you read what they are writing it seems to explain itself people. THESE PEOPLE ARE LIVING IN A BUBBLE, this is the last thing I’m going to say about it, alot of people have no facts from either Rove or myself so all this hear say has fueled 19 some articles in major media outlets. Not only has this brought alot of ugly sh** out of alot of otherwise ‘normal’ people but it has left me thinking about the media spin on everything that has to deal with this whole issue. I CAN CARE LESS ABOUT THIS WHOLE DAMN THING!! AND To these folks I guess I’m irrelevant, but to the rest of the world this guys WHOLE SHOW is irrelevant, nobody needs to trip out anymore. AS far as me ‘getting out of your country’ for all those who are screaming it on my blogs. FU** OFF I’m not here for you! And as long as my fans book me to come here im rollin thru. Thanks for running traffic thru my site too. LEAVE ROVE’s SITE ALONE, OR YOU ARE AS LAME AS THE PEOPLE SENDING HATE THRU MINE. LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. THE WORLD IS GETTING SMALLER. XZ SEE YOU AT THE MELBOURNE SHOW, THANK YOU !!!”

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