Xzibit Walks Out Of ‘Rove Live’ Appearance Over Racism Claim

posted the following message to fans on his blog at Myspace on Sunday (June 24) in regards to not appearing on the Australian talk show ‘Rove Live’: “Tonight the sh** was wack going to the TV station. The gopher of the show came to me with some idea of a ‘rap off’ with a lounge singer named Micheal [Buble]. But they wanted me to use ‘FAMILY VALUES’ as the track to rhyme over. BULLSH** from the jump! I tried to meet them halfway by letting them know my songs are not to be butchered and I didn’t feel like that was a good representation for the music I love and create. ‘Let’s do something else’. Long story short, we get it all worked out and then the gopher comes back and says,’We only have 42 seconds for the entire thing, our demographics on our show wont allow 1 minute of rapping…’ Then she says some sh**. ‘You know we came a long way just having you on the program..’ I got up and thanked her for the time and wonderful hospitality and went out the front door hopped in my sh** and rolled out. Keep it G people. FU** THAT DUMB SH**. I got real work to do. Peace.”

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