Yelawolf Releasing ‘Trunk Muzik 0 – 60’ On November 22nd


Alabama-born rapper will release his Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment/DGC/Interscope debut entitled ‘Trunk Muzik 0 – 60’ on November 22nd. ‘Trunk Muzik 0 – 60’ is a collection of six tracks that appeared on Yelawolf’s 2010 mixtape ‘Trunk Muzik’ (“Pop The Trunk,” “Box Chevy,” “Good To Go,” “I Wish,” “Love is not Enough,”and “Trunk Muzik”), plus six brand-new tracks, including the new single ‘I Just Wanna Party’, featuring Gucci Mane.

“On ‘0 – 60’ we’re bringing new fans up to speed with some of the best songs from the mix tape while also showcasing what I’ve been up to since signing with Interscope,” Yelawolf said in a press release. “The demand for new music has been crazy. That’s why putting out ‘Trunk Muzik 0 – 60’ made sense to me; to give my fans something to hold them over until my official album next year.”

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