Young Artists For Haiti Perform ‘Wavin’ Flag’ By K’naan

Young Artists For Haiti, featuring more than 50 Canadian singers, joined K’naan to perform a rendition of his song ‘Wavin’ Flag’, with the intention of inspiring people to continue contributing to Canadian charities for their work to help Haiti following the country’s 7.0 earthquake in January. Proceeds to the song, released March 12th, are going to Free the Children, War Child Canada and World Vision Canada. Singers performing on the song include Nelly Furtado, Sam Roberts, Avril Lavigne, Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan, Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman, Kardinal Offishall, Jully Black, Lights, Deryck Whibley of Sum 41, Serena Ryder, Jacob Hoggard of Hedley, Emily Haines, Hawksley Workman, Drake, Chin Injeti, Ima, Pierre Lapointe, Elisapie Isaac, Esthero, Corb Lund, Fefe Dobson, Nikki Yanofsky, Matt Mays, Justin Nozuka and Justin Bieber.

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51 thoughts on “Young Artists For Haiti Perform ‘Wavin’ Flag’ By K’naan

  1. Jessica says:

    First the Olympics and now this. Wow this is truly Canada’s year to shine. Ok so Britain sang Everybody hurts and US sang We Are The world. When it came down to originality its definitely Wavin’ Flag and I’m not just saying it because I am Canadian I’m saying it because its the first song that I heard that actually brought me to tears. It’s just beautiful and Canada can be proud to say its theirs and K’naan’s original Wavin Flag is awesome too. Just don’t know what else to say I LOVE IT!!!

  2. S says:

    I like this one too because the melody itself isn’t too gloomy, it’s quite uppity and hopeful :)

    Yes Go Canada, this is our year.

  3. Mario says:

    This song is a master piece!

  4. M says:

    I hate the song and the melody sucks; I should know I’m a professional singer.

  5. R says:

    It’s funny how people who proclaim to be professionals tend to have the the most unfounded opinions on message boards. M – you’re probably an amateur wannabe singer that hasn’t made it, and likely will not ever make it.

  6. M says:

    R, you make me laugh but honestly I am a professional singer. I’ve been singing for 15 years. I know the right way to sing, to breath and how to present myself on stage.

  7. M says:

    R, your just jealous that your not a professional singer like me and let me tell you I’m no amateur wannabe. I have preformed in front of very large audiences in my life. I have won awards and money.i have been requested to sing at a number of events. I’ve studied music at university. So don’t push down on me, I was just stating my opinion on the song. I really don’t like it but it is for a good cause. p.s the melody still sucks..haha

  8. Me says:

    M..I’m just curious if you have got “awards” for singing, what is you name? If its true some good links should come up when searching your name.

  9. P. Sherman. 42 Wallaby Way Sydney ;) says:

    M: I don’t doubt that you are a singer, but I do doubt that you are famous, by looking at your use of grammar, you sound like you are maybe 14 years old, I doubt you are famous because someone with an attitude like yours would surely not be respected in the business.
    Could you please not be so rude and not ruin this precious song for all of as and Haiti, what songs have you made that you think could do better, please I would like to know? This is a great song and I think will be remembered for a long time not because it’s a good song but because of the purpose of what it is for.

  10. Q says:

    It’s an incredible video that shows a great community spirit with Canadian artists, the technical singing is good and it’s a wonderful idea….but truth be told I always switched the radio when this song came on because it annoyed me so much. The chorus is wrought with a grating syncopation that really bothers me and makes for a strange rhythm. I feel bad for hating a song that’s for a good cause, but I don’t think it’s fair to say people have to like it to support Canadian artists and Haiti- just continue to pay your taxes, support music programs and donate to charities like Medecins Sans Frontiers and you’re covered.

  11. N says:

    I really think this song is amazing! And you guys if M says he doesn’t like this song then whatever and how do you think he feels when you don’t believe him and who cares let him say what he wants leaving a reply is commenting on the song not fighting and whatever I love this song especially when Justin Bieber sings he’s so cute <3

  12. N says:

    Or is M a girl. I don’t know.

  13. M says:

    Thank you N, and your right it is my opinion on the song. Now I never said I was famous and I am not trying to be vain or anything. I’m sorry if I sounded rude even tho I didn’t think I was I am sorry. I am a classical singer, I have studied it for a number of years. Classical is very different from today’s music. It is very proper, like diction, breathing even the way you stand has to be a certain way. I have won awards in classical music; no lie. but it wouldn’t be on the internet. I’m not trying to start a fight I was just stating my opinion of the song; and just because I don’t like doesn’t mean you guys have to bitch about me. the song is for a good cause and that is great. I just am not a fan of the song. I mean it’s great that so many artists have come together to create the song for Haiti. I find the song boring (sorry) but don’t bitch to me; everyone has a different opinion. oh and another thing I’m not 14.. I’m probably older then you guys. Also don’t rip apart my grammar, I was never good at English in school, it’s not my fault but I am good singer. and I am girl not a boy.. thank you for your time

  14. C.A.G :) says:

    M if you were a “professional singer” you would actually tell your name and this song was produced by Bob Ezrin hes a great producer so yes this is a amazing song you should just not comment if you don’t like it and shut your trap and stop being a jerk, I doubt you never sung for a event like this. I am a proud Canadian and this is Canada’s year to shine this is truly a inspiring song. And all these singers are amazing (:

  15. M says:

    Hey I’m not dissing any artists.. I just gave my opinion on the song and everybody is giving me hell for it. so I wish everyone would fu** off. I am a singer; but I never said I was famous, I just said I have sung in front of large audiences and you don’t need to be famous to do that. so everybody leave me alone. I am certainly not the only one you doesn’t like the song and I am entitled to an opinion. so fu** off.

  16. Janine says:

    This song is for Haiti. People should keep their negative opinions to themselves. At least there are people (like these young artists) coming together to make a voice for Haiti in their time of need. They’re actually doing something to make a difference which is more then I can say for ms. Professional Singer up there. So if your not doing anything to help then I don’t think you have a right to criticize the ones that are. Make better use of your time.

    p.s its a great song

  17. Allissa says:

    You guys are effing idiots no one cares if you are a professional singer.. If you are then you would think this is a good song… Obviously you aren’t professional…… You can go eat a monkey people who don’t like this song.. This song is the best and come on you guys its for Haiti people who are professional would like this song….. So any professional people who don’t aren’t professional.. So everyone who hates this song can go eat a monkey…..

  18. Tyanna says:

    This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.
    We are hopeful :)
    GO CANADA. ?

  19. M says:

    You people make me laugh. Just because these singers are just singers they are not professional. To be a professional singer you actually have to study music. Which none of the today’s singers do. So therefore people can not classify them as professional singers

  20. M says:

    You don’t have to be famous to be a professional singer

  21. C says:

    I absolutely love this song and I’m a really big fan of the artists here cause I listen to at least of of their songs each day plus this song. But everyone does have a right to their opinion and M was not saying anything horrible about it, he was stating an opinion so honestly those who have anything bad to say about her should find something better to do with their time. By her writing and the way she says stuff she is obviously not 14, hell a lot of people nowadays have bad spelling from various ages. To be a professional is different then being famous, that I will agree with and maybe she is professional you guys can’t say she isn’t because she isn’t famous.

  22. C says:

    You guys attack at the smallest little thing. She never said she didn’t like the idea of the song, she only said she didn’t like the song and the melody of it. So you guys who decide to type stuff out of anger please sit back and think before you do because reading over some of the stuff, it was blown way out of the water and THAT could have been kept to yourselves.

  23. MH says:

    Sorry for my English, I speak french, not English.

    This song is really great, but it seams like none of you Guys knows that it’s a remake of the song Wavin’ flag originally made by K’Naan. So, stop pretending that
    you’re better than anybody M because it just seams like you’re not.
    & whatever, I don’t care. I simply love this song!

  24. JP says:

    To whoever M is: QUIT WITH THE NEGATIVE TALK!!! this song is awesome, it helps Haiti, and whoever you are: you are so not a singer, a singer wouldn’t talk negative of a beautiful song like this! And I’m A HUGE OLYMPIC AND TEAM CANADA FAN and yes, THIS IS CANADA’S YEAR TO SHINE! GO CANADA!!!

  25. HS says:

    This song is amazing, especially since I know and love half of the singers in it. It just makes me feel proud to be Canadian. Everyone in this song had an amazing voice.

    Except for Justin Bieber. No offense to any girls, but he just kills the entire song.

  26. L says:

    M is your name Melina? Because you sound like that b!tch…

  27. mama mia says:

    This song is amazing. It is a great tribute to Haiti.

  28. Johfra says:

    I’m glad this song was adopted to be the song to represent Haiti’s cause. It is an amazing and inspirational song.
    I understand you don’t like the song, M but you should have left it at that. No matter how professional you are, you just proved to be the opposite. A professional does not criticize other artists breathing and standing techniques. They made it this far, they must be doing something right!
    As for the rest of you well, who cares if M likes the song or not? Would it make you sleep better if she liked it??!!!

  29. Hadi says:

    Even with such an inspirational song people still manage to find a reason to fight on its blog…

  30. T says:

    A professional is someone who gets paid to do something. It doesn’t matter if Justin Bieber or Avril Lavigne studied music…they are paid to sing and so they are professional singers. I studied music too; that doesn’t make me a professional and it doesn’t make me an authority on whether a song is good or bad. Don’t like the song? Fine. Just don’t act as though your opinion should matter more than anyone else’s.

  31. J says:

    I love this song .When I watched the video for the first time I cried and I’m not easily moved I guess its purpose behind it is so powerful you can’t help feel all the emotion. Great job guys.

  32. s says:

    I think that what everybody did to help Haiti was very powerful

  33. Adrian says:

    I’m glad that Deryck was here

  34. MC says:

    I thought that I saw Suzie Ungerleider from Oh Susanna smiling there beside K’naan.
    Also, They should have had Dallas Green in there.

  35. sk says:

    I’m surprised people are ‘requesting’ M to perform. remember sweetheart, money can pay for school but you can’t buy class. you can ‘study’ music all you want, but in the end, you’re downer attitude and snobbery will get you nowhere. good job k’naan for the song and good job to all the artists that contributed their time to song

  36. M says:

    hello… to all my haters; it’s been awhile hasn’t it. my opinion still stands it hasn’t changed a bit. all I said was I hated the song and people bitched about why?.. and everything started this stupid fight who is a professional and everything and it is just stupid. but I am entitled to my opinion so…anyway no one listens to me on here. I am a singer tho whether you believe me or not.. I am a classical singer..i play piano and guitar I sing at events and get paid for them…. I sing at different churches.. I teach music. but I don’t care what you people think or say. so everyone can fu** off. or and my name isn’t Melinda and I’m not a bitch either..

  37. LOL says:

    hey M.. these people are being so mean to you. everyone I know M and she really is a singer. I have heard her and she is amazing, she just has strong opinions sometimes. she really is a nice person and everything.

  38. F says:

    hello everyone I think we need to make some changes here… I know M as well and she is great. I wish everyone would leave her alone and put everything behind them. she really is sweet and kind. she has a good heart, she would help anyone if they needed it. So please stop hating and leave her alone. please and thank you

  39. M says:

    hey LOL and F thanks for sticking up for me, maybe the other people will leave me alone now. also LOL and F thanks for trying to get along, I know it isn’t easy for you two but that’s another story I don’t want to say for your guys sake.

  40. Julia says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether you like the song or not, it is a song for a good cause. I like the song very much and love the song even more for the idea behind it. Kudos to all the artists who were involved in the production. Way to go, Canada!

  41. Boobs says:

    M, go suck a co**

  42. J says:

    Hello Everyone. I happened to stumble upon this site. I have read all the comments and I guess there should be an age requirement to post here, or at least a maturity level. M is entitled to her own opinion. Not that she’s right or wrong, it’s how she feels. I personally like the song (although slightly overplayed). However M, it looks like this post site is really affecting you in some way as you keep coming back to see what people write about you. You also require your friends to come to your rescue… a little childish don’t you think? If you don’t like what is being said, then don’t come back and read it… although it appears that you enjoy the attention and that people talk about you. In that case, you win and you are popular on this site. This is not ninth grade and if my calculations are correct, you should be around 30 or so. This song serves a great purpose and we should all be proud to be Canadians and know that we are helping our friends in Haiti :)

  43. M says:

    Hello J… you are kidding right?..30…..ha. I’m am certainly not 30 years old. Anyway I am glad Canadians are helping and everything I just hate the song. And now it is certainly overplayed, I hear it everywhere and it’s getting old, real fast…. BOOBS you go suck a CO**.. You seem certainly interested with a name like that.

  44. Abhi says:

    The original song was awesome…. But this song is more than that….i have listened it continuously for numerous times… It really touched me…. Pray and donate for Haiti….

  45. FU "M" says:

    M shut the hell up. seriously. if you say you’re how old you are and such a “professional” then act professional. What would happen of your church friends seen this site and knew it was you? If you are such a professional then shut up and grow up > get over yourself.

  46. A says:

    I am not Canadian, but Oh my goodness I love this song! My little brother was listening to it and I immediately had to find out what it was. It is so incredible how so many artists can come together to support a cause. I honestly think this site was designed to support that so can we just all ignore the dumb comments and concentrate on the overall purpose. Kudos to K’naan though. This song has the greatest message!

  47. S says:

    I’ve never been so proud to be a Canadian then when I heard that song, and brought tears to my eyes! It really shows how Canadians come together and can shine and how kind we are… M, I’m not one to comment and bash, but you make us look bad! If you had really studied music, and were a true musician, you would have learned by now that music is an individual thing, and each artist has his talent that stands them out….you really make yourself look bad! For someone being so “nice and kind” from your friend’s comment, I’ve yet to see if with curse words and haha’s on your comments….grow up and become a real musician….and this comes from someone that has been involved in music for over 25 years!! Become a real person first, then you might become the “professional musician” you proclaim to be! The song is absolutely beautiful!!!

  48. M says:

    whatever.. this is so funny.. everyone getting so worked up over a song…. in the beginning I just stated my opinion..just my opinion and then someone started badmouthing me..there is nothing wrong with not like a song, everyone is not going to like every song out there.. and I imagine there is more people out there that hate this song too..i support the cause 100% just not the song.

  49. Johfra says:

    The song was so loved that FIFA asked K’naan to redo it for their theme song. Even the remake is amazing (the chorus was kept but the rest of the song was changed). As for you, M, you should have left your comments on not liking the song and not the immaturities of others by swearing and trying to prove who’s professional and who’s not. I believe I’m speaking for some here (after reading back some of the comments), you do have a right to your opinion and I do respect it. I’m not a fan of classical music but you don’t see me (or others) questioning your credentials. I wish you all the best of luck, M. Despite so many ridiculous comments, to prove your professionalism, you should just keep some opinions to yourself (the right to express your opinion on the song is deserving but feeding others about you being a professional and arguing went a little too far, from somee parties, in my opion).

  50. JB says:

    Can you give me there names in STUDENTS IN LORD BYNG SECONDARY HIGH SCHOOL AND MAGEE SECONDARY HIGH SCHOOL I need there names please e-mail me or write a comment…please

  51. ortopaz says:

    m.blv me you suck, pro or not, you don’t deserve to speak so ridiculously of the song. I am not a Canadian but when I first I searched sites for stuff like this, please Canadians first give credit to K’NAAN the SOMALIAN who first made the song because it’s quite unfair to him. Thank and I don’t mean hurt anyone with that, but it’s a fact.

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