Young Emcee Flame On A Mission To Put Buffalo On The Map

Daniel Rouse, aka Flame, is a young emcee that has been proving that New York City isn’t the only place in the state that has talent; Flame is from Buffalo, New York and has been giving the NYC hip-hop scene a run for its money.

At only 20 years of age, Flame already boasts an impressive resume; features in The Source, URB, Yellow Rat Bastard, and Fader Magazine; inclusion of two of his tracks used in the HBO series Unscripted; a resounding victory in NYC’s infamous live MC battle Fight Klub. Most recently, Flame teamed up with Stat Quo and Slim Thug on the street anthem “Putcha Hands Up.” While Flame can mix it up with anyone in the street hip-hop game, he has an emotional maturity and understanding of the game that is rare for someone his age.

So far, 2006 has been a busy year for Flame. He’s been courted by labels, recording songs in Buffalo and NYC, and trying to keep everything in perspective. “I’m just trying to make good music that will stand the test of time. I’m only 20 and a lotta my people didn’t make it to 18. I gotta make the right moves for me, my fam, the memory of them and put my town on the map.” Expect to hear a lot more from Flame very soon.

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