Young Jeezy Previews ‘Thug Motivation 102’

MTV News spoke with about his second LP, ‘The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102’, due December 5th. “I get, ‘Can he do it again?,’ but people don’t understand [that] even on my mixtapes, I went at it like an album,” he said. “Right now I’m working on my fifth album, in my mind [factoring in his first mixtape, ‘Streets Is Watching’, and his last street CD, ‘Can’t Ban the Snowman’]. So I’mma be a little more advanced than people think. Because when I was doing that, I was preparing myself for this. I was training, I was getting ready for the fight. You know everybody says ‘the sophomore jinx’? Ain’t gonna happen, man. I been telling everybody this is probably the best rap album in the past 10 years.” Read more.

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