Young L.O.R.D. Expands On ‘My President Is Black’

Young L.O.R.D. updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@younglord) on Tuesday (October 21), reacting to some criticism by a some words he left on another post. The Lexington, Kentucky rapper tells readers:

Aight.. so recently, I’ve had quite a few people leave me some comments and messages regarding the end of my MySpace name “My President is Black” … So called getting on me because I shouldn’t be “highlighting the racial part of this election”

SO, I’d like to take a few moments to vocalize my opinion.. even though I don’t have to.

Lets not argue about what you THINK my motives are behind whatever I say…

“My President is Black” is a song by Young JEEZY … look it up… its a statement… and in my case it happens to be true..

I’m not focusing on the fact that Obama is Black, but he is clearly the best candidate by a LANDSLIDE! for some reason I’m not quite sure if he will WIN the election because of the racial tension and the government is pretty sneaky. (you know how that goes)

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