Bow Wow Promotes ‘Unleashed’ On ‘TRL’

Lil’ stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to premiere his new video, talk about his new driver’s license, his new album ‘Unleashed’, whether he still has a curfew, and whether there’s any romance with Solange Knowles going on. Check out what Bow Wow had to say by reading our rough transcript.

LaLa: We’ve watched our first guest go from puppy to a big dog in a matter of years. Show some love for bow wow!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Bow Wow: Yeah, man! What’s crackin’?

LaLa: Hey.

Bow Wow: What’s going on?

LaLa: Just so people can understand how much you’ve grown over the past
years, let’s everyone take — this is bow when he first came to mtv.

Bow Wow: Oh, man!

LaLa: Look at this picture.

Bow Wow: Yeah, that was a — That was a long time ago.

LaLa: So you brought your latest video from the single of your new album
“unleashed.” You released “doggie bag” back in 2001. I know you were doing movie stuff and things like that.

Bow Wow: I was doing a movie with my man, cedric the entertainer. Solange Knowles, Steve Harvey. We just stopped up that movie. The fans have to understand when you do a movie it takes a lot of time.

LaLa: It does.

Bow Wow: There’s where I’ve been. Bu I’m back, you know wha I’m saying?
I’m not going anywhere.

LaLa: This that’s the most important. We’re about to look at the new video. I’m hearing about this, so talk to me what this is this about?

Bow Wow: Basically t video is about i want to go to the dmv and get my license and then baby is my inruructor. So kind of like baby is instructing me on the pimpin’ a little bit. What is definitely a more mature grown-up Bow Wow in this video. You know what I’m saying?

LaLa: You’re talking of getting a license and driving. Have you gotten a chance to take your driver’s —

Bow Wow: Yeah, hold up. Let me do something.

LaLa: What is that?

Bow Wow: Let me show you the license. You want to see it. I’ve got my

LaLa: So you want to take me for a drive later?

Bow Wow: Oh, yeah. I’ll take you for a ride in the two-seater.

LaLa: They want you to take them too. We’ll let you guys ask him anything.

Bow Wow: Oh, yeah.

LaLa: You can get real deep with him.

Bow Wow: Grimy.

LaLa: We have to take a quick break. Mariah is firing back at Eminem.

Bow Wow: Really?

LaLa: We’ll tell you about that. We’ve got the world premiere of your video. Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

LaLa:  Welcome back to trl! We’re back at times square, hanging out with bow wow. We’re in the audience chillin’.

Bow Wow: Yeah, man.

LaLa: Before we get into the world premiere of your video, some of the fans had questions they were dying to ask you. Tamika, what is your question for bow wow?

Tamika: Um, my question for bow wow — first of all i love you so much and I’m one of your biggest fans.

Bow Wow: Appreciate that

Tamika: My question for you today, since you’re 16 years old, you older
now what is your curfew?

Bow Wow: I don’t really have no curfew but it’s like i always come in the house right — just so my mom don’t trip.

LaLa: Well, all righty then. Someone wants to ask you a question.

Fan: Hey bow wow. As you know, I’m a big fan —

LaLa: You’re shaking. Go on.

Fan: How bow wow. I’m a big fan of yours, b I’ve been hearing that you and sew lanl j had a romantic thing going on. Is that true can?

Bow Wow: No, no, no. Let me look at her. No, no, ain’t nothing going on between us.

Bow Wow: It’s just cool.

Bow Wow: We just worked on a movie together. Big shout out to her and

Bow Wow: We’re about to jump into the video. It’s about driving, baby is in in it.

Bow Wow: For sure.

LaLa: Let’s go right to it.

Bow Wow: Got a new video right here —

LaLa: It’s the world premiere.

Bow Wow: The world premiere, you all vote for it, trl, you know the score, “let’s get down,” baby. Yeah.

LaLa: Oh, really — oh, that was a trl premiere right there. You know what to do to get it on the countdown. Let’s look outside, you’ve got a lot of fans out there.

Bow Wow: Yeah, let’s do that.

LaLa: Show it to everybody out there.

Bow Wow: Listen, that tattoo is for real for real.

Bow Wow: Yeah, I’ve got two.

LaLa: Let’s take a look. Wow.

Bow Wow: You know what I’m saying?

LaLa: We were just saying that’s a very grown-up video. Did you see the girls like —

Bow Wow: Watch yourself now girl.

LaLa: Now talk to me about the “scream” tour. What’s up with what?

Bow Wow: Well, bow wow is not on the “scream” tour 3. You can catch me on the bow wow unleashed tour. Yeah, shorty knows.

LaLa: So you’re doing your own tour?

Bow Wow: Yeah. It was kind of crazy how the whole situation went down.
It was definitely a long story. No beef feen between me and b2k we were talking of doing an album together. You know what I’m saying? Just people behind the scenes that fans don’t see when they come to the concert.

LaLa: You all show love for bow wow. You know you family. You come here
any time.

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