Def Jam Releases LL Cool J Best Of Album ‘ICON’

LL Cool J 'ICON'

Def Jam has released a LL Cool J greatest hits collection called ‘ICON’ on May 1st. The rapper completed his stint on the label after twelve albums on the imprint, the last being 2008’s ‘Exit 13’.

‘ICON’ Track Listing:
1. Rock The Bells
2. Mama Said Knock You Out
3. Going Back To Cali
4. Around The Way Girl
5. Phenomenon
6. Jingling Baby
7. Doin’ It
8. Big Ole Butt
9. I Can’t Live Without My Radio
10. Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv)
11. Hey Lover (Featuring Boyz II Men) Is Feeling Nervous About ‘The Voice UK’ Live Battles of the Black Eyed Peas checked in with his Twitter followers (@iamwill) moments ago as he continues his role on the UK version of ‘The Voice’ as a mentor. The 37-year-old writes:

I’m nervous for the first live battles #voiceuk…I haven’t been this nervous since we played a concert in brazil in front of 1.5million ppl

The second time I was this nervous is when we opened the world cup in south africa and a billion people watch on tv…#voiceuk #nervous

The 3rd time I was this nervous is when we played the superbowl in america and more than 200million people watched on tv…#voiceuk #nervous

The 4th time I was this nervous is when I had to ask my mom for permission to go on tour in 98…I was afraid she would say no…#voiceuk

Cops Bust Wiz Khalifa For Marijuana At Holiday Inn

Wiz Khalifa rapper

Wiz Khalifa had an encounter with officers at a Holiday Inn in Nashville, according to a police report obtained TMZ. The rapper got a knock from Metro Nashville Police on Saturday (April 21) after another hotel patron complained about marijuana odor. Wiz allegedly tried to get rid of the pot by tossing a blunt out of the window. Wiz then admitted it was his joint and he turned over 3.7 grams of marijuana he had in his pocket. The 24-year-old was given a ticket, but wasn’t arrested.

Kid Cudi: Mixtapes Are A Waste Of Time

Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius of WZRD

While Kid Cudi ventured into a side project releasing a rock album with Dot Da Genius entitled ‘WZRD’, don’t expect the G.O.O.D. Music rapper to include mixtapes in his content arsenal. “We never really done mixtapes, because I just feel like it’s a waste of time,” Cudi said, according to “You know when someone goes in to do a mixtape their mindset is instantly like ‘I’m not trying to make the best music here, I’m just trying to make something to satisfy the people’.”

B.o.B ‘Strange Clouds’ Album Artwork & Track Listing

B.o.B 'Strange Clouds'

B.o.B is out with the track listing for his second studio album ‘Strange Clouds’, which is hitting stores May 1st on Grand Hustle. “‘Strange Clouds’ is kind of a science-fictiony kind of title, mixed with recreational activities,” the rapper told Popcrush in regards to the album’s concept. “It’s really like a fusion between the hip-hop lifestyle and the people whose thoughts cross into the other realm of thinking, outside of the norm, which may be considered strange or weird, or unique. And, I feel like it’s all about hybridizing these two different worlds – on the ground level to the skies. If that makes sense.”

‘Strange Clouds’ Track Listing
1. Bombs Away feat. Morgan Freeman
2. Ray Bands
3. So Hard To Breathe
4. Both Of Us feat. Taylor Swift
5. Strange Clouds feat. Lil Wayne
6. So Good
7. Play For Keeps
8. Arena feat. Chris Brown and T.I.
9. Out Of My Mind feat. Nicki Minaj
10. Never Let You Go feat. Ryan Tedder
11. Chandelier feat. Lauriana Mae 12. Circles
13. Just A Sign feat. Playboy Tre
14. Castles feat. Trey Songz
15. Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray)

Spose Frees Himself From Universal Message Control


NECN caught up with Maine rapper Spose about getting signed by Universal Republic Records after the success of ‘I’m Awesome’, only to become disillusioned by the control he felt under, being signed to a major label. “In leaving Universal, I felt such a liberation and hope; whereas when I was there, I felt like I was losing control of this thing I had created,” said the 26-year-old, whose off-stage name is Ryan Peters. “The desire to do good writing and storytelling is kind of what drives me.” The report from Amy Sinclair at has since been removed.

Jake Miller Radio Promo Tour Behind The Scenes

Jake Miller

Jake Miller checked in with highlights of his 2012 Radio Promo Tour, leading off with a stop at WPOI in St. Petersburg, Florida, followed by a visit to WFLZ in Tampa. After a 4-hour drive and a overnighter at a hotel, they hit Jacksonville for a stop at WAPE, nearby WNWW, and after a fast food drive-thru stop, they went to WFKS in Melbourne. Day three saw Jake visit WVYB in Daytona and WLDI in West Palm Beach.

The highlight video at YouTube has since been removed.

Far East Movement Team Up With Bill Kaulitz On ‘If I Die Tomorrow’

Far East Movement and a chair

Far East Movement’s Kev Nish spoke with MTV News about the group collaborating with labelmate Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel on the track ‘If I Die Tomorrow’, a song from their upcoming ‘Dirty Bass’ album.

“When we first signed to Cherrytree [Records], we went on the website and see who’s on the roster … how do you pick what label to go to, you know?” Nish said. “And we saw Tokio Hotel, and we were like ‘Yo, this band is wild.’ We were on a bus watching them on the MTV Europe Awards, winning, and we were like, ‘We need to do a song with those dudes.’ So we got in with Bill Kaulitz and we just wanted to do a song about losing yourself, about possibly losing your mind, because you might die the next day. It’s called ‘If I Die Tomorrow’, and it’s Bill Kaulitz and his incredible tone in our dirty bass world … and that’s kind of where dirty bass is going: unexpected collaborations.”

UK Artists Finding Success In America Captures B.o.B’s Attention

B.o.B wearing an Infamous hat

B.o.B spoke with MTV UK about the explosion of artists from Great Britain that are finding success in America and being open to team up with a fellow recording artist from across the pond to follow-up his ‘Price Tag’ collab with Jessie J. “I definitely feel the explosion of UK artist in the States. Just from Adele to Jessie J to One Direction – it’s really growing tremendously,” the Atlanta rapper said. “I feel like it’s a leap for music and international music everywhere to really get a chance to get a worldwide platform.”

Tyga Gets The Concept Behind Nicki Minaj’s New Album

Tyga 'Rack City'

Tyga tells MTV News those who are critical of Nicki Minaj for having too much pop on her new album ‘Pink Friday: Roman’s Revenge’ are off base. “I love it,” the ‘Rack City’ rapper said about his Young Money labelmate. “I get the concept behind the album. This is her album, and she’s really talkin’ that sh** and tellin’ people they need to glorify her and what she’s done.”