Walmart Soundcheck: New Boyz

New Boyz on Walmart Soundcheck Picture #1

“We’re too cool to care what people think,” New Boyz say in an interview with Walmart Soundcheck. Watch the guys perform an exclusive set promoting their sophomore record, ‘Too Cool To Care’, including the first single, ‘Backseat’. Plus, the hip hop duo who made “jerking” a worldwide phenomenon let loose on Kanye West, Eminem, why’re they’re above the haters, and how they’re staying humble. Watch a preview below. The whole event can be viewed at View more photos after the cut.


Tinchy Stryder Celebrates Manchester United’s 19th English Title

Tinchy Stryder celebrates Man U English title

After Wayne Rooney secured Manchester United’s record 19th English title on Saturday, scoring on a penalty kick to salvage a 1-1 draw at Blackburn, Tinchy Stryder took to Twitter (@tinchystryder) to celebrate. The rapper also responded to critics wondering why he’s supporting an out of town team. He writes:

Yeeeaaahhhhh!!!! Manchester United premiership #Champions!!!!!!! For the 19th time haaahaaaa We are The best ever!!!

I’m from east london,I support ManUtd & WHAT!!! Get over it, when ur a kid, u support who you like & wot players u like, not where ur from!

Hello Haters!!!! Haahaaaaa Man Utd 4 life… #Champions

Lupe Fiasco Walmart Soundcheck

Lupe Fiasco Walmart Soundcheck headshot

Lupe Fiasco recently did a live set for Walmart Soundcheck. The Chicago rapper performed ‘Shining Down’, ‘I Don’t Wanna Care’, ‘Go Go Gadget Flow’, ‘Hip Hop Saved My Life’, ‘Beautiful Lasers’ and ‘Superstar’. The show and an interview video can be viewed at Check out additional pictures after the cut. (more…)

Plan B Performs On ‘Conan’ And At The El Rey

Plan B celebrated the U.S. release of his album ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’ with a performance on ‘Conan’ followed by a show at the El Rey Theatre last week. Zac Efron and ‘Glee’ star Dianna Agron both attended the performance, posing for a photo with the British rapper backstage. Plan B is currently on a U.S. headline tour before joining Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae and Adele on select dates.

The ‘She Said’ performance at has since been removed. Check out the backstage photos below.

Plan B and Zac Efron PHOTO CREDIT: Kristian Dowling / PictureGroup
Plan B and Dianna Agron PHOTO CREDIT: Kristian Dowling / PictureGroup

50 Cent’s Funny Bone Is No Laughing Matter

50 Cent hurts his funnybone

50 Cent checked in with his Twitter followers (@50cent) earlier today, talking about suffering yet another injury after falling off a bicycle yesterday and messing up is leg. The G-Unit mainman tells readers:

Now my arm is f**ked up I hit my funny bone this sh*t hurt worst then falling of the bike.

Look man I think somebody put roots on me cause I keep get hurt for no reason.

It’s not that bad but if you ever hit your funny bone real hard before you know what I’m feeling

Strong people get hurt I just know how to shake it off. Lol

50 Cent Entertains Himself With $500,000

50 Cent had plenty of fun with stacks of cash that totaled $500,000. The rapper told his Twitter followers (@50 Cent):

I’m eating good baby and I’m still hungry. Lol
A half a mill for lunch anyone ?lol
I’m designing a house now I have a good idea. Lol
Who said I don’t have a heart. Lol
This is the life baby I’m going to Vegas to gamble with floyd ill double this quick.
Holy sh** bat man I think I’m rich. Lol
I don’t know what I’m going to do today but I’m going to have fun. Do you believe me?

View the photos after the cut.

Drake Closely Studied Nas Crafting His ‘Thank Me Later’ LP

Drake visits Walmart Soundcheck

Drake made an appearance on Walmart Soundcheck for a live set. The Canadian rapper and actor performed ‘Forever’, ‘Bedrock’, ‘Successful’, ‘Best I Ever Had’ and ‘Over’.

During an interview, Drake discussed how he treats his listeners like his friends, the team that surrounds him being his strongest suit, being on one of the greatest teams in hip hop history, the challenge of doing an entire disc of original material after his mixtape past, influences and more.

“The main focus for me was, studying and discovering a rapper that I can honestly say when I grew up I never really listened to that much, and that was Nas,” Drake explained. “When people start to notice your rhyme pattern, like they notice that I do a certain rhyme pattern, and I just wanted to break free of that on this album. So to do some different flows. A lot of rappers right now sort of follow that four bar rhyme structure. Nas is the only person that I can really think of that breaks away from that and it’s almost hard to detect how he’s writing his raps, so I really sat down and studied how is he figuring out the beginning and middle and end? Where does each bar end? Where does each line end? I really listened to a lot of Nas.”

The performance and interview can be viewed at Check out additional pictures from Drake’s visit after the cut. (more…)

Kanye West Joins Twitter

Kanye West sizes up his private jet

Kanye West was immediately active on Twitter after joining the micro blogging service on Wednesday, happy as his followers climbed above 200,000 by the time the day ended. Among the rapper’s 47 day one Tweets (@kanyewest):

The album is no longer called “Good Ass Job” I’m bouncing a couple of titles around now

Yo @jimmyfallon you been killin the suits man Good Job, thats the new movement

“I might walk in Nobu with no shoes” might be my favorite line on the new album

yeah…. we getting about 80 FOLLOWERS A SECOND no exaggeration!!!

awwwww man this is addictive I might get in trouble on here!!!!

Hold on… let me see if I can get a pic of this small ass jet!!!

man when you take BABYMAMAJETS there’s no stuartist

cool ain’t cool no more,it’s a new day education is the new motivation truth taste and beauty let’s raise our children better than us

Big Boi Walmart Soundcheck Performance & Interview

Big Boi performs on Walmart Soundcheck

Big Boi of OutKast appeared on Walmart Soundcheck for a live set and interview in support of his solo album ‘Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty’. The rapper performed ‘Daddy Fat Sax’, ‘Follow Us’, ‘Shutterbugg’, ‘General Patton’ and ‘Shine Blockas’. During the interview, Big Boi talked about how his initial career choices were photography or child pyschology, how the album is “a funky ride”, the story behind the album title, having creative differences with his former label, collaborations on the album, being influenced by all genres of music, working with Scott Storch on ‘Shutterbugg’, and more. Watch a preview below. The whole set can be viewed at View more photos from the day below the cut.


Twista Attends ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards

Twista ASCAP Awards

Twista was on hand for the 23rd Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Friday (June 25). The rapper has been pushing his new single ‘I Do’ to his Twitter followers (@twistagmg):

I’m mind fu**ing you right now, go request my new single “I Do” at your local radio stations LOL

Cali kush got a nig feelin gooood ya dig- yall show luv on my new single-lets push it to the top

Man who cant relate to my song “I Do” rich or poor-just focus on doin you, ya diggg