Bill O’Reilly Unleashes On Eminem

Last night The O’Reilly Factor on FOX News had host Bill O’Reilly laying into Eminem for using his daughter on the track ‘My Dad’s Gone Crazy’. O’Reilly had on writer Keith Murphy who said the only reason people are paying so much attention to Eminem is because he’s white. O’Reilly said he’s concerned about Hailie participating in the obscene track thinking that he’s corrupting the child. Read on for a transcript.

Kid Rock Gives Props To Eminem’s ‘Without Me’

Kid Rock stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to talk with host Brian McFayden before his show Friday at Madison Square Garden. Kid Rock reviewed some TRL videos including Eminem’s ‘Without Me’. On that video, the rap-rocker said, “It’s my man, can’t say anything bad. He always makes videos, I like the ends when he is jumpin’ around like bin Laden, there right there. 100% entertainment. He not scared to take himself you know.” For a transcript, visit

Snoop Dogg Visits Last Call With Carson Daly

Snoop Dogg was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday, where he spoke about his feelings for marijuana and his desire for it to become legal. Snoop says, “I feel like this. I mean, I wasn’t brought up in the era of prohibition and the alcohol and all of that, but I do know and understand, by them killin’ and controllin’ it, it’s more controllable. And I know that if we do, you know, put the marijuana out there to be sold, it’s more controllable. And it’s not a drug that creates violence, that creates, you know, all of these other negative influences that these other drugs that are, you know, out there, are creating. So I feel like this is a drug that’s a peaceful drug, it’s uniting people. You know, I’m not sayin’ drugs are good, you know what I’m sayin’? But at the same time, everybody that I get down with, that I smoke weed with, it’s a beautiful thing.” Read more.

Ice Cube Says New N.W.A. Album Possible, Time Permitting

Ice Cube was on with Carson Daly on Total Request Live on Tuesday promote his new film ‘All About The Benjamins’ out on Friday. Cube says a reunion with NWA is possible but free time was the major obstacle. “We all want to do a record but we know we have to do, you know, a record that’s off the hook. We just can’t just all go in the studio and do anything. So, it’s just time. We all, you know, our time is just limited and we don’t have the time, really, to marinate and do the record so that’s why it’s been on hold but, as soon as we finds time, as soon as Dre said yo, ready time to go to the studio, we’ll be in there but we don’t want to just go throw anything together, you know,” He said. Read on for a transcript.

Roy Jones Jr. Talks To Craig Kilborn Thursday

Roy Jones Jr. was on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Thursday to talk about his boxing career and promote his new album. He also played Yambo against Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro… and when Carmen danced to one of his tunes he got flustered and blew his lead, losing to the pair 3-2. Read on for a transcript of the music part of their chat.

Fat Joe Hangs With Carson Tuesday

Fat Joe was on with Carson Daly on Tuesday to premiere his new video with Ashanti ‘What’s Luv?’, show off some of his jewelry, talk about the two year anniversary of Pun, and his desire to do a Latin street movie. Read on for a transcript from part of their chat.

Fabolous Visits With Carson Tuesday

Rapper Fabolous was on with Carson Daly on Total Request Live Tuesday where he performed ‘Young’n’ and talked with Carson about how quickly he blew up after getting a boost from DJ Clue. Fabolous also talked about the being from the street but respecting the commercial side of the business and fusing the two together to make a ‘Fabolous’ result. Read on for a transcript.

Rahzel & Everlast Announce New Band

Rahzel and Everlast were on Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday morning to announce that they’re forming a new band. Everlast said, “Yeah, well this is the first time — we’re starting a little band together called Last of the Real B Boys, you know? Yeah, you know, just because we both old, you know? The B Boys, you know, and I mean that in the good sense of the word, but, you know, we’re just a — one day I was sitting around and I was like, ‘what am I doing?’ You know, me and Rah been friends for a while so I was just, like, beat box, acoustic guitar seems natural, you know?” Everlast added, “I might as well do it before somebody else thinks of it.”

LL Cool J Talks Eminem & New Film On Carson Daly Show

LL Cool J was Carson Daly’s guest on Monday where he talked about his new film ‘Rollerball’, his sex life, and Eminem. When asked what he thought of Slim, LL said, “Yeah, I like Eminem. I think he has, like, you know, a lot of wit, a lot of creativity, a lot of — you know, a lot of sarcasm that works well for him.” Read more.