Kanye West: Obama Election Shows The Power Of America

phoned into ‘Total Request Live’ on Wednesday (November 5) from Liverpool, England ahead of Thursday’s MTV Europe Music Awards, reacting to the election of Barack Obama as the 44th U.S. President. West said they were on a plane heading over when the pilot announced it in German at first. When they announced it in English, he heard a lot of clapping in coach, but he was the only guy clapping in first class. “Emotionally for me, as a black person as my mother sat in the sit-ins, and got arrested. My father was a Black Panther. For America to turn around from slavery to presidency, it just shows the power of this country. You could still believe in America, because when Bush was here, people lost all faith, and all hope. It’s not just America. You could believe that anything is possible now. Anything that you feel like you can do is possible.” Kanye added that he wished his deceased mother could be here to see this. Watch the comments below.

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